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COLLAGEN PEPTIDE (90% ) Special Grade

Benefits of using Collagen Peptide?

The amino acid composition of collagen peptide is almost similar to collagen in body. Thus Collagen Peptide is a "customized" Collagen building block. Collagen Peptide is derived from natural source raw material with no reported side effects. It does not react with drugs or other food or food ingredients. Administration of Collagen Peptide stimulates the anabolic phase of cartilage matrix turnover. This brings about a phase of regeneration and stability in joint cartilage.

Applications of Collagen Peptide

Collagen Peptide finds application in Healthcare, Personal care and Food products

Collagen Peptide as a Functional Food Supplement for Joint Health and Osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease. One of the root causes for Osteoarthritis is the progressive destruction of particular cartilage. Joint cartilage mass consists mostly of collagen and proteoglycans. The product of cartilage is regulated by specialized cells called chondrocytes. In the process of ageing the chondrocytes can't keep up the natural regeneration process and cartilage starts to break down. Currently there is no wholesome solution to the Osteoarthritis problem. Clinical studies indicate that Collagen Peptide stimulates Collagen synthesis in chondrocytes and hence it supports the joint cartilage. The product is gaining wide acceptance across the world as a functional food supplement for Joint Health. Collagen Peptide has no side effects, as it is natural product.

Daily supplement of Collagen Peptide:
Promotes cartilage health
Improves joint flexibility and mobility in joint function
Reduces joint pain
Reduces the consumption of pain relievers
Maintains joint health in active people

A way to promote collagen synthesis is to supplement with collagen stimulating peptides. Diet containing Collagen Peptide:

Stimulates synthesis of Collagen in skin
Improves skin texture
Reduces formation of wrinkles
Improves moisture content in skin
Improves structure of brittle nails
Improves hair thickness

Besides being used as an oral food supplement, Collagen Peptide finds applications in skin care creams, body washes, hair care shampoos etc. Studies are in progress to confirm the efficacy of Collagen Peptide in personal care applications.