Chelated Minerals

Chelated Minerals ( Mineral Glycinate & Mineral Proteinate )
Today, we can have the benefit of better animal quality, higher productivity levels, improvement is profits and growth speed thanks to modern genetic animal breeds. Better productivity however, also comes with increasing nutrition requirements. In spite of a number of animal feed supplements with high doses of minerals available in the market, these minerals aren’t absorbed in levels and speed as required by these animals as well, in inorganic forms. Minerals are crucial to better performance of these productive animals in terms of higher milk production, growth and reproduction. In inorganic forms, they are actively degraded due to their interactions with other constituents of the feed during digestion.

The best way to get around this problem is to make sure that organic trace minerals are added to the feed. This is the most optimal way to make sure that essential minerals are absorbed in the body of these animals naturally through the intestinal walls to make sure all their functions carry on appropriately and you get the best results.

Founded in 1987, Chaitanya is a leading organic fertilizer manufacturer and supplier of animal nutrition products. It has been devoted to developing animal feed supplements for more than 30 years. It is a leading amino acid manufacturer in India. Chaitanya group is a team of scientists involved in research and development of Organic Mineral Products, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins and other nutrition products that are higher in efficiency and safer for use in modern animal husbandry. With years of experience, Chaitanya group has developed into a leader amongst amino acid and nutraceutical manufacturers in India.

What are chelated minerals? The Organic Mineral Products are mainly in the form of metal amino acid chelates. Metal amino acid chelates are formed when metal in its soluble metal salt form covalently reacts with amino acids (derived from Hydrolysed vegetable Protein or Glycine) in a mole ratio of one mole of metal to one to three moles of amino acids. This bonding between inorganic metal salt and organic amino acid is highly stable. This unique derivative helps in protection of the inorganic mineral from antagonists in early digestive stages by the organic part of the compound. This helps the mineral to get more rapidly absorbed during the right stage in digestion and thus be utilized more efficiently in the bodily processes of the animal. These chelated minerals have turned out to be extremely useful in trace mineral supplementation to animals. The amino acid in the chelate greatly improves the bio-availability of the mineral in the gut due to its stability across various pH levels. Also, the compound in itself is highly stable which makes it very useful. The covalent bond offers great molecular stability. The right conditions maintained by the team during the reaction of vegetable proteins/ Glycine with minerals aid in getting the right chemical connection.

Our chelated minerals are excellent, safe nutritional supplements for all kinds of animals and are useful in treating mineral imbalances caused by:

Issues in mineral interaction and bioavailability
Different kinds of stress – environmental, reproduction, transportation, etc.
Variability in feed or inconsistent forage quality
Regular use of chelated mineral compounds in animal diet has shown improvements in production and performance in:
Weight gain, feed efficiency and growth
Improved feed conversion and production of milk
Carcass composition quality
Bone strength, immunity, lower mortality rate and overall health
Egg and eggshell quality
Improved fertility and breeding

We Offer :

Mineral Glycinate( Glycine Based Amino Acid Chelate ) Mineral Proteinate ( Hydrolysed Protein Based Amino Acid Chelate )
AccuMin – Zinc ProtaMin – Zinc
AccuMin – Ferrous ProtaMin – Ferrous
AccuMin – Manganese ProtaMin – Manganese .
AccuMin – Copper ProtaMin – Copper .
AccuMin – Magnesium ProtaMin – Magnesium
AccuMin – Calcium ProtaMin – Calcium
AccuMin – Boron ProtaMin – Boron
AccuMin – Cobalt ProtaMin – Cobalt
AccuMin – Chromium ProtaMin – Chromium
AccuMin – Iodine ProtaMin – Iodine
AccuMin – Selenium ProtaMin – Selenium
AccuMin – Molybdenum ProtaMin – Molybdenum
AccuMin -7 NutriMin -7
AccuMin - ZMCC NutriMin – ZMCC
AccuMin –MZC NutriMin -MZC
AccuMin --T NutriMin- T
NutriMin- Calcium Phosphorus

Mineral Enriched Yeast
Selenium Yeast
Chromium Yeast
Zinc Yeast
Copper Yeast
Molybdenum Yeast