Animal Feeds Supplements

Animal Feeds Supplements

Chaitanya Group has devoted more than 30 years to research and development of ideal feed supplements for animals. We have developed highly efficient and safe nutrient supplements for providing adequate protein and mineral nutrition to your modern breeds. Our feeds are designed to increase productivity levels, quicker growth, better animal quality and thereby, more profits for your industry. Modern genetic breeds have increased the productivity of the animal husbandry industry by several folds. Consequently, their nutritional requirements too are higher and need to be taken care of by feeding them the right products. We have developed organic mineral products, amino acid supplements, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins and more for these productive animals.

Our team has designed special chelated minerals which are a form of organic mineral products to ensure better absorption of essential minerals from the feed. Inorganic mineral supplements are not absorbed in levels required by the animal. Moreover, essential minerals are degraded early indigestion due to interaction with antagonistic molecules present in other components of the feed. We have, therefore, carefully formulated a range of animal nutrition products and supplements after years of research in this area that can be mixed to animal feed< and come with a higher shelf life. Our products are known for their rich nutrient content and bioavailability to the animals.

Chelated minerals or minerals complexes with amino acids have been proven to be useful in areas of veterinary, poultry and aquaculture. In aquaculture, these also act as feed attractant and prevent wastage of feed.

Our range of animal feed supplements includes Protein Digest in powder and liquid form, Predigested Mixed Vegetable Protein and chelated mineral supplements. We carry out digestion of proteins of vegetable or animal origin by hydrolysis using natural enzymes in a controlled environment. The process yields conversion of insoluble native proteins to smaller, soluble peptides. The slurry, however, comprises of insoluble and soluble fractions post-hydrolysis. While insoluble fraction is discarded, soluble fractions are further purified, boiled and spray-dried after strength adjustment to obtain powder form from the liquid.

This is how Protein Hydrolysates or Soluble Proteins are produced that also retain the nutritional and functional value. Even in the liquid form, the clear liquid is a mix of free amino acids, di-peptides, tri-peptides, and polypeptides. They are better absorbed by the animal than the insoluble native proteins.

Our protein supplements are excellent sources of organic Nitrogen which is required for proper growth and functioning of the animals for eg., weight gain in beef production. The Protein Digest product comprises of various essential and non-essential amino acids and short-chained peptides imperative to normal growth of the animal. The High Protein supplement product is useful during gestation and lactation period of animals.

Our Chelated Minerals, designed to enhance bioavailability of minerals are added to Animal Mineral feed nutrition supplements. Our company has also recently developed a bioavailable Calcium Phosphorus Complex to enhance milk production in lactating animals.

Benefits of these products
  • The spray-dried, 100% soluble Protein Digest powder is rich in free amino acids and is highly palatable
  • Better digestibility and efficient elimination of anti-nutritional factors
  • A good balance of bound and free amino acid is present in the composition that increases the biological value of the protein
  • It is an excellent source of free amino acids and short chain peptides
  • It greatly stimulates feed intake and enhances the metabolic activity of the animal
  • Better digestibility and high concentration of protein in various forms reduce the cost of feed formulation
  • General health and immunity of animal are boosted
  • Improved productivity, higher growth and better meat quality in animals obtained
  • Excellent for correction of protein deficiencies, lower appetite, weight loss, poor growth, lower reproductive performance, reduced milk production etc
  • Well-maintained quality and higher shelf-life of the product

At Chaitanya, we believe in attaining excellence in animal feed supplement production and strive to be the best amino acid and nutraceutical manufacturers in India.