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Protein Digest. (Partially Digested Organic Protein Concentrate)

Protein digest are partially digested mixed vegetable protein. The insoluble native proteins are converted into partially soluble proteins due to the active enzymes & thus the slurry obtained is soluble & insoluble protein fraction.  The soluble fraction comprises free amino acids, dipeptide, tripeptide & polypeptide. It is easily absorbed by the animal.

The insoluble fraction contains non digested protein & partially digested cellulosic matter, which play important role in bowel movement in the digestive system. It a source of organic Nitrogen (true protein) in the form of essential amino acids or other nitrogenous compounds it is useful in weight gain normal functioning & milk production.

Protein Digest is a mixture of various essential as well as non-essential amino acids, & short-chained peptides required for the normal growth of animals.

High digestibility due to efficient elimination of anti nutritional factors.
High biological value of protein, due to a well-balanced of bound & free amino acid composition.
Excellent source of free amino acids, dipeptides & tripeptides & cellulosic matter.
Improves growth rate and meat quality, Milk production.
Enhancing rumen microbial activity & bowel movement.
Stimulates feed intake & improves the diet digestibility.
Highly digestible & concentrated form of protein reduces the cost of feed formulation.
Improve the metabolic activities of the animals.
Improves productive parameters & health of animal.
Better Feed Conversion ratio, Better Growth rate, Better meat quality.
Correct the protein deficiency syndrome like lower appetite, weight loss, poor growth, depressed reproductive performance, reduced milk production etc.
Uniform quality and extended shelf-life.