For Best Quality and Bumper Yields’. (Balanced Organic Nutrition With Biostimulators  ) `ProBiol’ is a readymade organic formulation available in powder as well as in liquid in Bulk.


ProBiol’ is a readymade formulation specially developed for foliar spray application. It is a unique combination of organic Nitrogen (N) (Amino Acids) , Phosphorus( P), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), essential minerals,  trace elements , Vitamins and other organic bio activators. 


ProBiol’ act as a bio stimulator & easily absorbed and utilized by plant due to its organic nature.  ProBiol fulfills the nutritional demand and accelerates the metabolic processes, thus enhances the activity of naturally available enzymes and hormones in plant and enhances overall metabolism in plants.  These changes help in the formation of food materials like carbohydrates, proteins & other essential metabolites in the plants.  This results into higher seed germination, higher chlorophyll content, higher flowering & higher fruit setting & accelerated growth & development, ` ProBiol’ by stimulating cell division; cell differentiation and enlargement in the plant and also helps in root development. 

ProBiol stimulates plant growth by accelerating cell division, cell enlargement helps in improvement of size, shape & color of the fruits
ProBiol stimulates the hormonal synthesis & activity in the plant
ProBiol stimulates the root formation &promotes the beneficial microbial activity in the root zone
ProBiol stimulates photosynthetic activity & metabolic activity of the plants
ProBiol improves the nutritional availability & nutritional uptake and their utilization
ProBiol improves the size, coloration & keeping quality of fruits & improves shelf life after harvesting
ProBiol improves enzymatic activity, chlorophyll content of the plant.
ProBiol improves the resistivity of plant to tolerate in adverse conditions
ProBiol increases yield due to better stimulating phenomena
ProBiol induces flowering &fruit setting & reduces the flower/fruit drop resulted due to hormonal & nutritional imbalance
ProBiol boosts up the growth and development of plant resulting into vigor, and Improve the quality and yields.
Dissolve 200-250 gms ProBiol in 200 lit. Water and spray on crops. Viz, Cotton, Chili, Tomato, Vegetables, Oilseeds, Sugarcane, Cereals, horticulture fruits crop like Grapes, Apple, Banana, Pomegranate, Orange, Sweet Oranges, Lemon, Mango, Strawberries, Chikoo, Coffee & Tea plantation and ornamental plants 2-3 spray are recommended at an interval of 2 weeks depending on the age & type of the crop

ProBiol is compatible with most of the pesticides and micronutrients formulations.

Powder Formulation: 1 -1.5 Gms per lit. Water for spray, 2-4 Sprays are recommended on various stages of crop.
Liquid Formulation: : 3-4ml per lit. Water for spray, 2-4 Sprays are recommended on various stages of crop. Foliar Spray: 1 Gms / Liter water.
Drip & Sprinklers:300-400 Gms / Acre.
Seedlings /Root Deep:10 Gms /Lit.
Seed Treatment:: 2-3gms/ Kg. Seed
ProBiol is ecofriendly naturally derived product & free from any toxic effect & can be safely used till harvesting.

ProBiol is available in 25 Kg Multiwall Paper BOPP Bags & ready for repacking.