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Zinc deficiency in soils is widespread and substantially depresses crop yields. Zinc deficiency is caused due to unfavorable soil conditions, heavy or prolonged doses of phosphatic fertilizers and cold, wet weather. ProtaMin- Zinc is a most –effective organic source of Zinc & Nitrogen. Being amino acids complexed , the zinc is fully and totally absorbed by the plant through foliage.


ProtaMin - Zinc reduces withering in patches

ProtaMin - Zinc stops the formation of abnormally small leaves

ProtaMin - Zinc increases the plant’s resistance to diseases

ProtaMin - Zinc boosts growth rate

ProtaMin - Zinc substantially increases yield

ProtaMin - Zinc reduces the intensity of chlorosis.

ProtaMin - Zinc decreases flower and fruit drop

ProtaMin - Zinc helps in the growth of shoots and the formation of grains and fruits.

ProtaMin - Zinc effectively fulfills the demand of zinc by the plant.

ProtaMin - Zinc is a micronized free-flowing powder with high solubility in water. A wetting and dispersing agent facilitates complete absorption by the plant.

ProtaMin - Zinc is compatible with all water sprayable agrochemicals.

ProtaMin - Zinc can be safely used to prevent and correct zinc deficiency in all crops.


ProtaMin - Zinc is 100% water soluble powder available in 25 kg Bulk packing.