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Magnesium deficiency in the soil harms plantation and fruit crops and at times, food crops too. It also prevents optimum utilization of major nutrient fertilizers.

Causes of Magnesium deficiency

Magnesium plays an important role in chlorophyll synthesis and activates many enzymes. It is depleted from the soil due to loss in percolating water, absorption by living organisms, fixation on surrounding clay particles and break-up into secondary minerals. Liming of acid soils and overdose of nitrogenous fertilizers also contribute to magnesium deficiency.

 Symptoms of Magnesium deficiency

First symptoms appear on lower leaves. Veins remain green with the leaf paling and in advanced stages, turning yellow then brown and necrotic. In some species, they become reddish purple before turning brown. Later, whole plants of small cereals turn yellow. In citrus trees, the base of the leaf sometimes remains green with chlorotic lamina. In potato, the affected leaves become brittle. In tea, chlorotic spots appear and grow larger upto the tip while the base of the leaf is green. This gives the leaves an inverted 'V' appearance.

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