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Iron deficiency in plants is one of the hardest to correct. Iron applications as inorganic salts usually revert rapidly to forms not available to plants

Causes of Iron deficiency

Iron is present in the soil but in forms not available to plants. Imbalance of metallic nutrients such as copper and manganese, excess of phosphorus, high soil pH, high lime, high soil moisture and cool temperature, high levels of bicarbonates and other factors.

Identifying Iron deficiency

Chlorosis or yellowing of leaves becomes very marked on new growth. Typically a network of fine green veins is patterned against lighter coloured background. Soon whole leaves become ivory coloured or totally yellow. These symptoms vary from crop to crop and are detailed earlier in this handbook. Hidden hunger for micronutrients hinders the optimization of crop yield. Timely application of

1. ProtaMin- Ferrous helps achieve top yields. It fulfills the Iron requirement of plant by supplying organic source of Iron & Nitrogen.

2. ProtaMin- Ferrous stimulates and regulates enzyme reactions for growth and development of crops as iron activates several enzymes.

3. ProtaMin- Ferrous increases chlorophyll content of healthy green leaves. It also prevents chlorosis and spiraling of leaves.

4. ProtaMin- Ferrous increases the productive tillers in wheat and paddy. It induces resistance to pests and diseases.

5. ProtaMin- Ferrous boosts growth rate, dry matter accumulation and increases yields.

6. ProtaMin- Ferrous can be safely used to prevent and correct iron deficiency in all crops

7. ProtaMin - Ferrous is 100% water soluble powder available in 25 kg Bulk packing.