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Calcium & Boron in Combination helps in cell elongation & fertilization & growth of Reproductive organs of plants.

1. ProtaMin - Calcium + Boron is a organic Amino Acids based Foliar Spray that corrects Calcium & Boron deficiency satisfactorily in all crops and optimizes yield.

2. ProtaMin - Calcium+ Boron increase flower & Fruit set & improve shelf life of flower & fruits.

3. ProtaMin - Calcium+ Boron is promotes cell division & cell elongation & thus increase the size of fruits.

4. ProtaMin - Calcium+ Boron remains in the plant-available form for a long time.

5. ProtaMin - Calcium+ Boron induces disease resistivity, increasing productive tillers in various, boosting growth, consequently increasing yield.

6. ProtaMin - Calcium+ Boron is compatible with other agrochemicals and is ideal for correcting Calcium & boron deficiency in various crops.

7. ProtaMin - Calcium+ Boron is 100% water soluble powder available in 25 kg Bulk packing