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Nutraceuticals & Food Products

Chaitanya Agrobiotech group is emerging as one of the top Nutraceutical Manufacturers in India. We provide premium products in human, plant and animal nutrition. Our products cater to a wide range of areas including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, animal feed, agriculture, poultry, aquaculture, food seasonings, microbiology, biotechnology and cosmetics.

To meet the demands of today’s environment concious food technologists and consumers, we offer a wide range of environment friendly, safe nutraceutical fortification products including chelated mineral supplements. Our products are designed to enhance bioavailability of the nutrients, are safe to consume and the best quality.

With over 30 years of experience in propriety process and strategic alliances, Chaitanya group boasts of quality standards at best-in-class prices. Combined with expertise that has been perfected over the years, Chaitanya has evolved into a one-stop-shop in health supplements and formulation ingredients.

At Chaitanya Agrobiotech, we constantly strive for providing our customers with the best quality nutraceutical products at affordable rates. We offer options that can maximize cost-saving without compromising on quality of the product. The nutraceuticals manufactured at Chaitanya are high quality and confine to international standards.

Nutraceuticals manufactured include protein hydrolysates (Soya or casein-based), chelated minerals (proteinates or glycinates), caseinates, soya isolates and concentrates, Probiofer A, Collagen peptides (marine or bovine origin) and Promilk.

Additionally, Chaitanya has recently introduced employment of papain and bromelianto to cater nutraceutical industries. The quality and service that Chaitanya offers is unquestionably the best. Chaitanya also offers supply of quality product and service with respect to Yeast Extract Powder, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (Soya base, wheat gluten base, soya sauce flour used as natural enhaners of food, noodles, etc.

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