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Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein - Flavor Enhancer

Chaitanya is a leading manufacturer of Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein and similar products in India. These include Soya Sauce powder, the yeast extract that is produced by acid hydrolysis of defatted Soya/ groundnut/wheat gluten powder followed by its neutralization using sodium hydroxide. Non-GMO plants are chosen for the preparation of these products.

Acid hydrolysis of vegetable proteins breaks them down to component amino acids. These amino acids play vital roles in enhancing the flavours of food. For example, glutamic acid, better known as Mono Sodium Glutamate or MSG to many, is a popular flavour enhancer in processed foods.

Our Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins and their products like Soya Sauce powder and yeast extract powder have been designed to enhance the natural flavour of ready-to-eat food products. They are available in the form of seasonings to be used with food. The hydrolysis of vegetable proteins yields glutamate as high as 20% in the HVP, Soya sauce powder and yeast extract. This gives a savoury or meaty taste to food to which these are added.

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins are useful as:
  • They are natural and safe
  • They enhance the flavour of food
  • They render a savoury or meaty flavour to food
  • They have good solubility and are 100% vegetarian
  • It is a great substitute for salt and MSG
  • It comes in a lot of flavours including chicken, beef, meat etc
Applications of hydrolysed vegetable protein:
  • Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins/ soya sauce/ yeast extract serve as a great alternative to MSG generally used in Chinese food and other food preparations
  • It is a great additive to instant soups, ready-to-eat snacks etc
  • It is useful as a component in spice mixes, instant noodles or soups, wafers, meaty flavour enhancers, etc
  • HVP is also added to cold food, cold drinks and plant protein beverages
We offer:
  • Hydrolysed Soya Protein ( HVP, Soya Base )
  • Hydrolysed Soya Protein ( HVP, GroundNut Base )
  • Hydrolysed Soya Protein ( HVP, Wheat Gluten Base )
  • Soya Souce Powder ( Dark )
  • Soya Sauce Powder (Light)
  • Yeast Extract Powder
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