An Oxygen Supplementation Growth Booster.

In our haste to grow more food to meet the rising demands of increasing population, we have disturbed the soil equilibrium leading to the infertility barren lands and low yields. These disastrous circumstances are result of factors such as imbalanced use of fertilizers neglect of biological and organic factors.

The crop has basic requirements like moisture, air and nutrients to sustain and grow properly. The physical structure of soil helps to maintain the adequate moisture level, aeration and nutrients.  However, due to faulty cultivation practices, the physical structure of the soil gets destabilized and thus results in inadequate aeration which in turn results into insufficient supply of Oxygen. Moreover Carbon Dioxide also gets accumulated in the rhizosphere due to the respiration of the root system. This Oxygen: Carbon Dioxide imbalance does not allow the root system to grow properly and the crop has to spend more bio-energy just to survive. This naturally results into improper growth of the plant and lower yields.

It is well known that agriculturists all over have been following the practice of intercultural for almost all the crops since generations. This is mainly to provide aeration to the root system. Unfortunately it is observed that these practices are not sufficient to provide the badly needed oxygen in sufficient quantity to the root system.

‘Chaitanya,’ an oxygen supplementation is a latest technological innovation introduced by Chaitanya Group Of Industries, Malkapur, which fulfills the oxygen demand of the root system and allows them to grow naturally. Chaitanya induces three basic changes in the vicinity of seed of seed / root, leading to a number of beneficial physical and biological interactions of the plant with soil.
These changes are:
Improvement in oxygen supply
Improvement in microbial activity
Improvement in nutritional availability.
Increases germination by preventing the secondary dormancy in the seed
Induces an early germination
Increases the number and length of secondary and tertiary roots and rootlets
Increases the root mass resulting in better utilization of nutrients and water
Induces rapid, early flowering and fruiting resulting into higher yields
Induces nodule formation in the leguminous plants
Reduces the flower/fruit drop.
Enables the plants to tolerate water-logged conditions, under waterlogged conditions, roots are starved for oxygen. If this condition continues for 3-4 hours, results into root mortality
BIOL boosts up the growth and development of plant resulting into vigor, health and Improvement of quality and yields.
Enables the plant to absorb and utilize the available nutrients from larger soil strata due to better root growth and expanses.
Promoters conversion of ammonical nitrogen to nitrate nitrogen, which is readily taken up by plants
Supports beneficial microbial activity in the rhizosphere by providing aerobic atmosphere
Checks the growth of harmful anaerobic pathogens in the rhizosphere by providing oxygen rich atmosphere
Induces healthy growth and vigor of plant resulting into bumper yields
Dose: 1-2 kg per acre at the time of sowing
Booster Dose: 1 month after 1st Dose
Soil Application : 1-2 Kg / Acre
Seedlings /Root Deep: 20 Gms /Lit
Seed Treatment: 20-25gms/ Kg. Seed
Chaitanya Oxygen supplementation powder is available in 25 Kg Multiwall BOPP Bag & ready for repacking.