The Organic Foliar Spray of NPK Nutrients


The exploitation and extreme use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides have many times harmfully affected the environment.  Generally the chemical Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium availability is the big limit to growth.Bio-NPK is an innovative product by Chaitanya Chemicals and derived from 100% organic ingredients produced by a unique technology.`Bio-NPK’ foliar spray contains the mixture of primary nutrients like organic Proteins as Nitrogen combined with Phosphorus & Potassium in 10: 10: 10 proportion.

Mode of Action:

`Bio-NPK’ foliar spray is a unique organic supplementation of Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium, which is easily absorbed and utilized by plant.  Bio-NPK fulfills the basic nutritional requirement and accelerates the metabolic processes, thus enhances the growth & development of the plant. It helps to regulate the activity of biological process in the plant & improves overall metabolism in plants.  These changes help in the formation of food materials like carbohydrates, proteins etc.  This results into chlorophyll synthesis, disease resistance, & higher quality yields.

Bio-NPK contains primary basic plant nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium are present in right combination in organic from.
Bio-NPK increase disease resistant power of the crop.
Bio-NPK improves the flowering and maximizes flower and fruit settings.
Bio-NPK improves the nutritional status and their utilization.
Bio-NPK improves the weight, Colour, Size, & Luster of the produces.
Bio-NPK increase flush and fruit setting & reduces the flower and fruit drop resulted due to nutrient deficiency.
Bio-NPK increases photosynthetic activity resulted into improved green new and luster of leaves.
Bio-NPK boosts up the growth & development of plant resulting into vigor, health& sturdiness.
Bio-NPK Improves quality weight and yields.
Bio-NPK is highly effective, economical and eco-friendly product for Foliar Application.

Dissolve 200-300 Gms Bio-NPK foliar spray in 200 lit. Water and spray on crops. Viz, cotton, chilli, tomato, vegetables, oilseeds, sugarcane, banana, cereals, fruits, plantation and Vegetable plants. 2-3 spray is recommended at an interval of 2-4 weeks depending on the age & type of the crop.

Bio-NPK foliar spray is compatible with most of the pesticides and micronutrients formulations.

Foliar Spray: 2 Gms / Liter water. 2-3 Sprays are recommended at various stages of crop.
Drip & Sprinklers: 300-400 Gms / Acre.

Bio-NPK foliar spray is ecofriendly naturally derived product and is therefore free from any toxic effect and can be safely used till harvesting.

Bio-NPK foliar spray is available in 25 Kg Multiwall BOPP Bag & ready for repacking.