Chaitanya group is one of the pioneering amino acid manufacturers in India. We produce amino acid nutritive products for both plant and animal based industries.

Free amino acids that are hydrolyzed products of proteins are the best form of fertilizers that provide organic nitrogen in its most bioavailable form. This helps in boosting plant growth and productivity by leaps and bounds. Amino Acid Powder & Liquid are full of free amino acids and short chain peptides derived from hydrolysis of vegetable/animal origin proteins like Casein, soy protein, gelatin etc. Our product, Probiofer A, is one of the leading ingredients used in organic farming and is certified and deemed NOP &NPOP Standard by Ecocert India. It is an excellent organic nitrogen source.

What are amino acids?

Amino acids are the building blocks for protein molecules. They are small organic compounds containing an asymmetric carbon bounded by an amino group (-NH2), a carboxylic group (-COOH) and reactive groups (R & R") specific to each amino acid. A chain of amino acids form proteins which are crucial to normal growth and functioning of an organism. In agriculture, alpha amino acids particularly, are of great importance. Plants synthesize amino acids from elemental carbon and oxygen and hydrogen obtained from water in the soil. While carrying out the complex process of photosynthesis, carbon hydrates are combined with nitrogen leading to the formation of amino acids.

The making of amino acid fertilizers

Hydrolysis of vegetable/animal protein is carried out with the help of highly active natural enzymes like Papain derived from Papaya under controlled conditions. These active enzymes help in easily converting the insoluble proteins into soluble forms. The slurry is thus obtained in two fractions – soluble and insoluble where the insoluble part is discarded while the soluble fraction is further purified. Purification of the soluble fraction involves regulating the strength or concentration, boiling and spray drying into a powder.

Probiofer is developed as a mix of essential and non-essential amino acids vital for normal growth of plants and animals. This amino acid mixture is available both as a powder and liquid. It makes a great additive as an organic source of nitrogen to a number of agricultural formulations like Biostim, Zyme, Micronutrient chelated minerals and plant growth promoter formulations.

Having years of experience as amino acid manufacturers in India, we at Chaitanya group offer excellent amino acid supplements and fertilizers designed after in-depth, critical research to deliver the best.


There are several different amino acids in nature and both plants and animals depend on them for their growth and development. Different amino acids are required in the body at different levels. For example,e L-Lysine, L-Tryptophan & L-Methionine are needed in very low concentrations while L-Glutamic acid & L-Aspartic acid undergo transmutations give rise to the rest of the amino acids. The most abundant amino acids in plants are L-Glycine, L-Proline & L-Arginine. Nevertheless, they are all essential & interdependent in such a way that the excess or absence of even one of them can block the synthesis of other.

  • Organic Nitrogen Based Ready To Use Powder Growth Promoter
  • Derived From Organic Nitrogen Sources
  • Eco-friendly & Safe for Organic Farming
  • 100% Water Soluble
  • Certified & Approved By Ecocert as Organic Input For Organic Farming
Name Of Amino Acid Specific Role in Plant Development
Aspartic acid Seed germination, respiratory function, amino acid production via transmutation.
Glutamic acid Chlorophyll forerunner, amino acid forerunner seed germination, pollination & pollen tube germination, cytoplasm osmotic agent of ‘guard cells’, stomal opening. Glutamic acid is fundamental in the process of formation of vegetative tissue and chlorophyll synthesis & it also improves photosynthetic activity. It is an effective chelating agent.
Alanine Chlorophyll synthesis, stomata opening regulation, hydric stress & pollination.
Phenylalanine Pollination, lignin forerunner, humic Compounds.
Isoleucine Saline stress, pollen germination pollination.
Leucine In saline stress & pollen germination.
Methionine The precursor of ethylene and of growth factors such as Espermine and Espermidine, Fruit ripening, stomata opening regulation.
Proline Helps in fertility of pollen & regulate the length of the pollen tube. Pollen germination, saline stress, hydric stress.
Valine Hydric stress, seed germination & pollination process.
Glycine Chelating action, pyrrole groups forerunner.
Serine Component of humic compounds, pollination.
Threonine Hydric stress & pollination.
Tyrosine In pollination, pollen germination, hydric stress.
Arginine In saline stress component of sap root development, polyamines forerunner. Induces synthesis of flower and fruit related hormones & has a biostimulant effect on the plant.
Histidine In stomata opening regulation & also helps in the ripening of fruits.
Lysine Stomata opening regulation. Helps in fertility of pollen & regulate the length of the pollen tube, pollen germination, chlorophyll synthesis.
Glycine The fundamental metabolite, the formation of vegetative tissue & first component of chlorophyll synthesis. Increase chlorophyll concentration in the plant leading to a higher degree of photosynthesis and making crops lush green. Maintain hydric balance, effective chelating agents, maintain the fertility of pollen & regulate the length of the pollen tube, pollen germination.
Hydroxy Proline Regulate hydric balance, increase resistivity against the adverse condition.
Tryptophan L - Tryptophan is a precursor for Auxin synthesis, induces flowering.


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